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Email with feedback or ideas for new topics! We are continually working to improve and develop new Claims Connections Conversations - and we would love to hear from you!      

About Washington Grain Commission

The WGC's mission is to promote Washington's wheat and barley to world markets. WGC promotes education with the goal that wheat and barley producers are recognized as good stewards of the land producing healthy, high quality small grains through education, collaboration and outreach efforts.   

Claims Connections Conversations is a new classroom discussion resource for secondary students and teachers!


Claims Connections Conversations are FREE Ready-to-Print or Ready-to-Post activities designed by teachers to engage your students in analyzing and critiquing claims, and supporting them in authentic group discussion. Each topic poses an essential question about Washington wheat farms and environmental realities that impact them and their neighbors. In a Claims Connections Conversations activity, students are supported through reading and annotating an article, participating in a student-led discussion to identify and critique claims, and make connections to the text. Because they are self-contained and flexible, Claims Connections Conversations can be used as stand-alone lessons to supplement curriculum in science and social studies, and to strengthen student's discussion and informational text reading skills in any subject. 

About WGC
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