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How to use Claims Connections Conversations

Designed by teachers to engage your students in analyzing and critiquing claims, and supporting them in authentic group discussion Claims Connections Conversations are FREE ready-to-print or ready-to-post activities. Each topic poses an essential question related to Washington wheat farms and environmental realities that impact them and their neighbors.

Because they are self-contained and flexible, Claims Connections Conversations can be used as stand-alone lessons to supplement curriculum in science and social studies, and to strengthen student's discussion and informational text reading skills in any subject.   

There are several ways to get started!

Browse our topics by tag

to find an essential question that relates to your course content.

Click here to access CCC activities sorted by subject tag.

Check out the standards matrix

to cross reference NGSS performance expectations, Social Studies enduring understanding components, and Common Core standards and topics that may support your students' work toward the standards.

Look through all the essential questions our topics tackle

and choose an activity for your students to dive into.







Ready-to-Print  vs  Ready-to-Post

We know that you engage your students both online and face-to-face, so we created options for both virtual and synchronous in-classroom experiences for you and your students. 


  • Available on our website anytime, no sign up required

  • Simple, low-prep PDF packets for all student materials

  • Modified student versions available 

  • Students can easily annotate physical copies of articles

  • Packets may be collected for feedback or grading


  • Teachers share digital materials and discussion questions to their LMS via a Padlet

  • No student accounts or log-in required*

  • Learning Targets and discussion questions are completely customizable

  • Students may participate in discussion questions asynchronously

*Teachers require a free Padlet account in order to make copies of our materials; students need to log-in to or create a Padlet account in order for comments in discussion questions to be attributed to individuals

For more information, check out the For Teachers page

print vs post
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