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Jr. Drain Rangers is a FREE NGSS aligned stormwater education program for students in kindergarten, first, and second grades. Students identify a problem in their community and brainstorm solutions. They participate in hands-on activities, games, and engage in discussion about stormwater pollution and  ways they can prevent it. Jr. Drain Rangers lessons are designed to be hands-on, and interactive!


Learning materials are available to be delivered to your home for free! These materials are complemented by our online learning web page.


Mother and Daughter

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We're glad you're on this journey of learning with your child. Did you know every city and town has to deal with stormwater? Stormwater is the water you see rushing down your streets, sidewalks, driveways, and yards after a storm. It could be from an afternoon thundershower or days of on-and-off drizzle.  Some places, like Seattle, experience stormwater all year round. Other places, like Eastern Washington only receive a few inches of rainfall all year. No matter where you live, all that water is a big deal. On the East side of the Cascade Mountains we are in a rain shadow which means that the mountains block most weather systems from the West side of the mountains from reaching us. We deal with much less rain though when we do we can experience large amounts of precipitation. Along with the problem of flooding we also have to manage the pollution that has had time to accumulate. This is because all that water will take all of that pollution at once to bodies of water such as the Yakima and Columbia Rivers. This is called stormwater runoff pollution. It can also go into a drywell where the liquid soaks into the groundwater.  If that liquid has any contaminants in it then it soaks into the groundwater too! We get our drinking water from these rivers and groundwater!  We should all do our part to prevent stormwater runoff pollution from happening!  Thank you for helping your child learn how to be a good steward of our land and water that keep us alive and well!


Sincerey, The Drain Ranger Team

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