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Classroom Presentations

Jr. Drain Rangers K-2nd Presentations

Jr. Drain rangers is a stormwater education program modeled after Drain Rangers! and adapted to the learning needs of students in kindergarten, first, and second grades. During the presentations, students will identify a problem in our community and brainstorm solutions. They will participate in hands-on activities, games, and engage in discussion about stormwater pollution and how to prevent it. Junior Drain Rangers lessons are designed to be hands-on, interactive, and support the Next Generation Science Standards. Each presentation is about one hour long for a maximum of 30 students. Junior Drain Rangers is only available in select counties.

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Presentation Descriptions

Water Everywhere (Kindergarten)

Students play an interactive game simulating raindrops and pollution in the stormwater system. Students will also learn techniques to prevent pollution fro reaching our streams, rivers, and lakes. 

Water In Our World (1st Grade)

Students model water pollution by playing a musical game. Students also work in groups to solve a stormwater problem while learning pollution prevention techniques.

Only Rain Down the Drain (2nd Grade)

Students learn about water as a liquid and solid while working in groups to observe the properties of matter. Students also learn about pollution prevention and water conservation at home by solving a puzzle.

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