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Who We Are


Franklin Conservation District is your community-based hub of expertise and funding to help you achieve natural resource and land use goals. 

We are non-regulatory. We work at your request and as a partner on actions that keep our air, water, soil, habitats and farmland healthy for all.

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Our Role & Purpose

Conservation districts are Washington's only locally driven, conservation delivery system that identifies natural resource problems and guides voluntary solutions.

Franklin Conservation District (FCD) is a legal subdivision of state government mandated by RCW 89.08 to develop and administer voluntary, non-regulatory programs for the wise use and conservation of natural resources in Franklin County. The FCD is governed by a board of elected and appointed supervisors who establish priorities and set policy.

Our Strategy

We provide leadership to facilitate wise use and conservation of renewable resources and sustain agriculture in Franklin County. FCD directly supports cooperative, voluntary and economically feasible solutions to environmental problems. FCD is also dedicated to educating youth in Franklin County through hands-on science inquiry about water and soil quality and conservation issues in our area. 


Our approach is to acknowledge and provide facts about natural resource concerns and develop and implement voluntary solutions. Specific activities and programs to accomplish our strategies are outlined in our district plans:

Cows drinking water out of a water tank.

What is a Conservation District?

Conservation districts are a unique form of non-regulatory government matching local resource needs with technical and financial resources, helping landowners solve on-the-ground conservation needs.

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