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The Franklin Conservation District encourages programs that involve farmers, landowners and managers in wildlife habitat development and protection. Wildlife in Franklin County is as diverse as the myriad of landscapes that encompass its 1,242 square miles. Wildlife includes: ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, deer, coyotes, raptors, rattlesnakes and there have even been elk, moose and cougar sightings!
Habitat Enhancement Projects


The District has developed a new guzzler design that provides water for deer, elk and other large game in addition to other wildlife. Contact us for more information on how you can obtain a guzzler.

The Franklin Conservation District also works with the private landowners to install wildlife habitat plots. Wildlife habitat plots offer wildlife excellent nesting habitat, cover and protection from predators, as well as a food source. FCD assists with the development of wildlife habitat planting plans, coordination of habitat installation and financial assistance dependent on available grant funding sources. Contact us for more information.


In addition, the Conservation District has worked to establish native grasses on circle corners. By establishing cover on circle corners wildlife habitat is enhanced, wind erosion is reduced and pesticide applications for weed control are also minimized.

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