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Stormwater drain


Illustration of eyes peaking out of a manhole
Pollution in runoff


Stormwater is unfiltered rainwater that reaches our water sources through storm drains. Rainwater runs off of streets, parking lots, and driveways into storm drains where it flows straight to our streams, rivers and oceans. At the Franklin Conservation District, we promote stormwater pollution awareness through our educational program Drain Rangers.


Protect Our Rivers From Stormwater Pollution

Ask your family and friends not to dump anything down storm drains.

Here is what you can do to prevent stormwater pollution:

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Waste in the garbage
Washing car

Recycle and do not litter. Garbage must be contained in trashcans or dumpsters.

​Dispose of pet waste. Animal waste contains bacteria that is harmful to ecosystems.

​Do not dump anything down storm drains. Contact your county Solid Waste provider for information on proper disposal of things like used motor oil, paint, or other household chemicals.

Wash your car on the grass or at a commercial car wash. Soil filters contaminates from water and prevents it from reaching the storm drain.

Reduce the use of fertilizer, turf builder and pesticides. Sweep up any spills on driveways or sidewalks.

County Solid Waste Providers

Franklin County Solid Waste Department: 
(509) 545-3551 

Benton County Solid Waste Program:
(509) 786-5710 or (509) 783-1310


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City of Pasco
(509) 544-3080
City of Kennewick logo
City of Kennewick
(509) 585-4200
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West Richland logo
City of West Richland
(509) 967-3431
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City of Richland
(509) 942-7390
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