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Drain Rangers Elementary Stormwater Curriculum

(Grades 3-5)

The purpose of the Elementary Stormwater Curriculum is to develop an understanding of the serious issues facing our community from stormwater pollution and to share specific actions we can take to improve the quality of our water. In this unit, students will be introduced to a problem-solving model where they think like an engineer and explore ways to solve the problem of stormwater pollution. The lessons in this unit are specifically designed to meet classroom requirements of the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Content about polluted stormwater runoff, engineering design, and literacy skills are integrated throughout the unit so that students can practice and apply the new standards with relevant content. Polluted stormwater runoff is one of many environmental problems our students will face. By equipping our students at a young age with the problem solving tools of the engineer and the verbal and written skills of an effective communicator, we are preparing these students to solve the difficult and challenging environmental issues that affect our present and our future.


Presentations by Drain Rangers Educators:

  • Lesson 3: Watershed Model

  • Additional Lesson: Enviroscape Model 

  • Additional Lesson: Incredible Journey

To schedule a presentation with us, please email Kara-Kaelber.

Drain Rangers Resource List (as detailed in the curriculum guide):

Download the                                                                         and the 



Download the ​​​


Lesson 1: ELA Performance Task - Stormwater Pollution

Lesson 2: Videos and Presenters

Lesson 3: Watershed Model

Additional Resource:

Lesson 5: Four Raindrops

Lesson 6: Engineering Design and Define the Problem


Lesson 7: Research the Problem

Lesson 8: Understand Stakeholders

Lesson 9: Explore and Compare Possible Solutions

Lesson 10A: Develop, Implement, and Test the Plan: Pollution 

Lesson 10B: Develop, Implement, and Test the Plan: Schoolyard Solutions

Lesson 11: Evaluate the Solutions and Communicate

Additional Resources

Additional Videos

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