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Landowners Making Conservation Happen

Tour the conservation practices and projects around Benton and Franklin Counties and see the community's collective efforts to conserve water, improve air quality and water quality, build soil health, and protect and enhance wildlife habitat. 

Join the Benton & Franklin Conservation Districts as we celebrate, encourage, and support landowners in their commitments to voluntary stewardship of our natural resources and Critical Areas. There is power in our voluntary actions - every contribution makes an impact!

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LandSteward of the month

Jackie Hart planted this wonderful native cover crop in her vineyard last year and its benefits her operation in more ways than you could imagine. 

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LandSteward Certification

To become a Certified LandStewards, you need to be doing x, y, and z and to help conserve natural resources. Apply below to see if you are eligible!

LandSteward Certification

 The LandSteward Certification is awarded to those at the forefront of conservation in Benton and Franklin Counties. See if you qualify by applying below!

Contact Us!

If you want to implement conservation practices, get in touch! 

Riley Zionce, Resource Conservationist 

509.416.0440​ (office)


Kelsi Potterf, VSP Coordinator

509.736.6000 (office) | 509.832.2131 (cell)


Share your stewardship with the community to show how much conservation happens here! Whether you have upgraded to a high-efficiency irrigation system or planted acres of habitat, whether you completed the project with our help or on your own, help us demonstrate conservation thrives through intrinsic motivations to steward the land for generations to come.


The LandSteward Showcase encourages viewers to support local farmers and businesses, recognizing their integral role in sustainable land management. Click on the map above and select a Verified LandSteward project to learn more about their goals and find out how you can support their work.


Feeling inspired to implement conservation practices of your own but need some help getting started? Thanks to various funding sources, including grant programs and other public funding initiatives, the Conservation Districts offer free support and guidance, ensuring that anyone eager to contribute to conservation efforts can access the resources they need.

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